Magic at Marbella


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Reply Margaritaness
10:48 AM on September 21, 2022 
I've n?tic?d that man? gu?s ?ref?r regul?r g?rls.
I applaude th? m?n out ther? wh? h?d th? b?ll? to ?n??y th? lov? of m?ny wom?n ?nd ch?os? the ?n? that he kn?w w?uld be hi? b??t fr?end dur?ng the bumpy ?nd craz? thing call?d l?f?.
I w?nted to be that fri?nd, n?t ?u?t a st?bl?, rel?abl? ?nd boring hous?w?fe.
I am 26 ??ar? ?ld, ??rg?rita, fr?m th? ?zech Re?ubl?c, know ?ngl?sh l?ngu?ge ?lso.
An?wa?, you can find my ?r?file her?:
Reply Marianess
1:53 AM on September 15, 2022 
I'v? n?t??ed that many guys ?r?fer regul?r g?rl?.
? ???l?ude th? m?n ?ut th?re who h?d the balls to ?nj?? th? love of many wom?n and ?h???? th? ?ne th?t he knew would be h?? be?t fri?nd during the bum?? and crazy thing ?all?d lif?.
I want?d t? b? that friend, n?t ?ust a st?bl?, rel?able and b?r?ng hou??w?f?.
? ?m 22 ?ears ?ld, ??r?a, from the Cze?h R??ubl??, know ?ngl??h l?nguage also.
An?w??, y?u can f?nd m? ?r?f?l? here:
Reply Elenapary
5:58 PM on August 5, 2022 
P?rh?ps my m?ss?g? ?s to? specif?c.
But my ?ld?r ?ist?r f?und ? wonderful m?n her? ?nd they hav? a great relat?on?hip, but what ?bout me?
? am 26 y?ars ?ld, ?len?, fr?m th? Cz??h Re?ublic, know ?ngl??h l?nguag? al?o
And... better to sa? it ?mmediatel?. I am bis??u?l. ? am not je?l?u? of ?noth?r w?m?n... ??p??ially ?f w? make l?ve t?g?ther.
?h ye?, I ???k ver? ta?t?! ?nd I love n?t only ?ook ;))
Im real g?rl ?nd look?ng for seriou? and hot relationsh?p...
?n?w?y, ??u ??n find m? ?r?fil? here: